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Who is that man in the panama hat?

Posted by occidentprone on April 29, 2008

Beady eyes, bloated features and tentacles that extend everywhere. How the blazes did Brian Burke get so powerful? And even more intriguing is this: How is it that politicians and bureaucrats cannot stay away from him?
Of course the two are linked – he has sway because the pollies don’t mind being used as pawns and they fall for his charms (apparently he has some) because they feel he can deliver what they want.
The media talks about his Svengali features but he’s more a Faustian devil.
As reported in The Australian today, WA Education Minister Mark McGowan is one in a long line to talk soul with the man in the panama hat.
McGowan claims to have been exempt from wise Dr Geoff Gallop’s ban on any contact with dodgy brothers lobbyists Brian Burke and Julian Grill. Bad move, Minister. You’re talking semantics when you should be thinking ethics.
Will McGowan be another notch on Burke’s enormous belt, a tally of tainted bureaucrats and disgraced pollies … and that’s just since he’s been released from jail.
Ah, the State of Excitement – why would you be anywhere else?


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