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Alan Carpenter scuttles scuttlebutt

Posted by occidentprone on May 4, 2008

West Australian premier Alan Carpenter has dismissed in The Sunday Times karaoke-related gossip that one or more journos have seemingly being trying to stand up as a story. The allegations alluded to Buswell-type shenanigans or similar crimes against women.

Carpenter quotes in the paper:

“I categorised it as baseless scuttlebutt designed to damage me politically.” 

The allegations were that Mr Carpenter, who was then education minister, lifted the top of one MP and put his face near the breasts of another. 

Mr Carpenter said: “In March of this year, I was contacted by Jaye (Radisich), who informed me that people were spreading what she described as very nasty rumours. 

“I advised her that my recollection was that nothing had happened and she agreed. 

“A member of my staff also spoke to Louise (Pratt), who said that in her view nothing inappropriate had occurred. 

Pratt was enigmatic in her response to the paper: 

But Ms Pratt yesterday refused to comment about whether actions by Mr Carpenter on the night were appropriate or not. 

“Whether it’s appropriate or not is no one’s business,” she said. 

“I was there, it was a private party and yeah, I’m not going to comment on that at all. 

“I think what’s been alleged about the incident … is very much out of context because it was a private party at which people were singing and carrying on at a karaoke event. 

“I’m well known as a strong feminist. If anything inappropriate happened, I would raised it with Alan at the time.”

Ms Radisich could not be contacted for comment yesterday.

In February, Radisich said Parliament was a boys’ club – could she have been alluding to this? 

No doubt this is not the last we have heard of this. Here’s hoping Carpenter strangling a tune was the worst crime committed that night, or the state of the state is worse than we suspected.




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