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Buswell hangs on by the seat of his pants

Posted by occidentprone on May 5, 2008

Troy Buswell survives as leader of the opposition, as our alternative premier. 

Liberal MPs met today to vote on a spill motion to get rid of Buswell as leader. The spill fell, Buswell won and we have learned that the following is acceptable – nay rewardable – behaviour:

Chair sniffing: This is officially A-OK, even if the context is misogynistic, juvenile, demeaning and humiliating. Hell, you might even be rewarded.

Bra pinging: It’s the 21st century and the Liberal Party is not afraid to show off its sensitive side.  What better way than a little battery-by-underwear, particularly if the target is a woman and an employee.

For how long Buswell remains top dog is another question, as reported in The Australian

At a press conference this evening, Mr Buswell said he did not believe he would have to deal with further incidents as serious as the chair-sniffing scandal, for which he came under intense pressure to quit. 

But Mr Buswell said if there were other incidents in which he had offended people, “no doubt those matters will be brought to light”.

Mr Buswell, appearing drawn and stressed, said he had no idea how many MPs had supported his leadership in today’s vote on the spill motion.

Troy Buswell is the man many will choose to lead WA at the next election. As premier he would be the figurehead of the state as it does big big big business with Japan and China if the resources boom rolls on. Talk about losing face – take a bow, Libs.



One Response to “Buswell hangs on by the seat of his pants”

  1. Kace said

    Nice try Mr Jacobs, but no cigar.
    I’m pretty sick of all this stuff in the media, the chair sniffing, bra pinging, and now Carpenter’s shirt lifting behaviour. Can’t we just ignore their juvenile antics and focus on the important stuff? Like spending billions on a new waterfront that noone will visit and stuff like that? Oh, and the budget!

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