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Bruvver slaughters opposition lamb

Posted by occidentprone on May 18, 2008

Wow, that was quick – and hopefully painless. News.com.au reports:

THE man who wants to topple Kevin Reynolds says he has been sacked from his job as a union safety officer in retaliation for his election challenge.

Darren Kavanagh, 39, said yesterday that Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union staff told him that a decision was made to sack him from his $90,000-a-year job after he announced his leadership bid on Friday.

And this:

“They (Mr Reynolds and the executive) will no doubt come up with a reason. They will say I went to the media and started campaigning in work time. 
“I am sure they will come up with some excuse.” 
Mr Reynolds denied yesterday that Mr Kavanagh had been sacked, but said the union’s executive would meet this week to discuss the safety officer’s future. 
“I don’t know what individuals have been talking about, but I certainly have not been in any discussion with our executive about terminating him at this stage,” Mr Reynolds said. 
“I am very concerned about the lies that are being told.”

Indeed Kev, so are we. And concerned about democracy and freedom of association and political influence and … the list goes on. 

Mr Reynolds said he had been challenged only twice previously during his 35-year tenure as union secretary. 
He said Mr Kavanagh’s grievances seemed to be directed more at his deputy Joe McDonald. 

So much for Kavanagh’s Dare to struggle, dare to win.


One Response to “Bruvver slaughters opposition lamb”

  1. MJ said

    You can be sure this is not over yet. Looks like Kevin is digging in.

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