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Fran the man wants a gag

Posted by occidentprone on May 27, 2008

Despite the name, Fran Logan is a man. Well, he’s male but we’re not sure how much of a man he is. Is it manly to proposition subordinates to join him in a threesome? It was a joke, he says. What a wheeze. The alleged propositionee says she was offended, although it has taken three years for that offence to go public.

Fran Logan is the West Australian Minister for Energy, Resources, Industry and Enterprise. A menage a trois implies he has the energy and maybe even enterprise. But Minister for Wishful Thinking would be more accurate. Or Minister for No Way On This Earth You Filthy Old … His press secretary is right now earning every penny, combing over every salacious detail and alleged detail looking for the right degree of spin.

Just when you thought WA politics couldn’t get any sadder or sink any lower a minister of the Crown plumbs new depths – and is threatening to sue for reporting it.

The West Australian says today that Logan:

has hired one of Australia’s biggest law firms in an apparent bid to gag debate about his offer of a “threesome” to a Government adviser, threatening last night to take legal action against The West Australian if it continued to pursue the issue or refer to the matter again. 

Does that gag extend to blogs? And what does reporting of the “issue” mean? What about reporting that it was reported? What about printing his denials? What about discussing the joke he says it was in the broader context of the joke that is WA politics right now? 

It is another try from among the WA Government to muffle debate and discussion and it is a push that should be resisted from both mainstream media and from blogniks. So stand up and expose! (We’re talking to the media not you politicians, we’ve seen enough of you already.)

Talk about enough to make you gag …


2 Responses to “Fran the man wants a gag”

  1. It seems that the old WA political establishment has some kind of predisposition to sex scandals. It’s been great stuff watching from Victoria with how boring Brumby and Baillieu are. Although as someone said today by the coffee machine the Pommie politicians do the best sex scandals.

    There’s been a few classic videos posted online about the seat sniffer so far.

  2. occidentprone said

    And the weird thing is that these WA guys aren’t conservatives and aren’t old guard from old blue-blood families. Otherwise there’d be fishnets and auto-erotic practices – and we’d be talking about gags made of cloth. The eastern states political scandals seem to be white-collar stuff at the moment. Get to the nitty gritty guys and give the people something to read about.

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