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Carpenter promises action on leak

Posted by occidentprone on June 10, 2008

The WA Government is getting its hands dirty again, promising to stop those embarrassing leaks after a whistleblower ended proceedings.

Here’s what it is: The roof at Challenge Stadium sprung a leak in stormy weather last night, forcing WA’s netball team West Coast Fever to call a draw. And Alan Carpenter has promised to fix the roof and the state’s reputation.

If only Eric Ripper were in charge. We’d have goosestepping investigators turning the place upside down to find the source of the leak.

And all they’d have to do is look up.



2 Responses to “Carpenter promises action on leak”

  1. It’s amazing that something like a stadium leak could spark such a reaction. Although I’m not entirely surprised given that soccer clubs seem to feature very prominently in the politics of my municipality.

  2. Sunili said

    Yeah, a draw when they were WINNING! For the first time EVER!!

    We can’t even cheer for our NETBALL team (I love netball, played it for like 8 years). This is all getting really depressing.

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