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Access 31 in death throes

Posted by occidentprone on June 11, 2008

Community TV in WA is on its last legs.

The board of community TV station Access 31 plans to pass a resolution at its next meeting in favour of closing the station.

It has been losing viewers and advertisers since the introduction of digital television – technology the station cannot afford.

Board member Gerry Gannon says the former Howard government is to blame.

“We have been telling the Federal Government for the best part of four years now,” he said. (Source: ABC)

Minorities and people with alternative views get airtime on 31 when mainstream media barely glance in their direction. And L-plate media Perthonalities are trained there until they’ve lost any semblance of themselves and then are ready for the real telly.

It’s alright for the net savvy – we can YouTube ourselves till the cows come home and we’ll never be starved for alternative viewpoints. Blogs, podcasts, websites are all great tools for our myriad voices. But what will we do without community television programs with grass roots appeal, no matter how badly lit? RIP Cruizin, Science in the Pub and Sweet and Sour.

People is this what you want?


2 Responses to “Access 31 in death throes”

  1. Retarius said

    But who actually pays for it now, anyway?

  2. occidentprone said

    It’s a mix of “sponsors” (somehow different to advertisers I think) and government funding. Now it’s time for both to step up, and for non-financial supporters (viewers, fans) to make their voices known too.

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