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Force eight on the bogan scale

Posted by occidentprone on June 11, 2008

Bogans and other Rockingham residents have been blown away by the impertinence of cartoonist Dean Alston. Alston commented in Tuesday’s West Australian on the tornado that whipped through Rockingham by saying it was force eight on the bogan scale.

The page 20 cartoon showed debris flying past a window in the sunny southern outpost –  suffice to say ugg boots and ciggies featured prominently. Rocky residents past and present flew into action, calling talkback radio and having their two bobs’ worth.

But it could be worse, they could live in Girrawheen, subject of another famous Alston treatment.


5 Responses to “Force eight on the bogan scale”

  1. Sunili said

    Ah Dean Alston. I wonder if he still lives in Claremont? I think his daughter went to my highschool. Deanie. Bless.

  2. Retarius said

    The cartoonist’s lot is not a happy one. Caught between the twin pincers of the need to be topical and the editor’s deadline…Mmh – a bit like bloggers really!

  3. occidentprone said

    Retarius, I don’t think Dean Alston is anyone’s messenger boy and as for me … well who’s paying?

  4. Is it true that the Rockingham tornado did 2 million dollars worth of improvements?

  5. occidentprone said

    Lazy Aussie, Rockingham is a real option now for people who can’t afford to buy or rent anywhere else so expect a ‘gentrification’ (yuppies) in the next decade.

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