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Here is today’s predictable column

Posted by occidentprone on June 13, 2008

Perth’s whitebread, western suburbs media is a problem. The homogenous viewpoint, particularly in the I’m-so-young-and-cool-I-don’t-need-to-think-for-myself genre. Maybe they think appealing to the masses means writing like the masses (I’m so individual, just like you.)

(NB In Perth Western Suburbs equals Eastern Suburbs in the east, if you catch my drift).

There’ll be no singling anyone out because it’s across the board in mainstream media, even in sections of the street press, but the launch of Fairfax’s WA Today underlined the problem.

Remember: There might be a boom but a lot of people are hurting now, they’re not flipping from your column to the share prices, they’re not making a killing from their investment property and they don’t give a flying whatever that airfares to Mauritius are escalating. But the great unwashed do have good stories to tell and they like to read / hear good stories told well.

Some solutions:

  1. Media owners, editors: Allow your writers some latitude. Even polarising columns / think pieces / colour stories / features are better than BLAND. Or same-same. Or deja vu. Here’s a thought: What about hiring staff who have really lived – not lived backbacking to Tierra del Fuego but lived hand-to-mouth, who had to put in an effort to pay for school or uni, who aren’t offended by Rockingham or Geraldton or Ramadan or poverty or imperfection. Get some diversity up ya.
  2. Writers: Read. Put down the moleskine you’ve taken to the wine bar, really listen and don’t try to make the scene fit the story you think you want to write. 
  3. Readers: Dump the mags / sites / papers / radio shows that offend – or don’t offend when they should be challenging us. 

Wannabe scribes, get in touch with the issues that worry the masses at Worst of Perth.


8 Responses to “Here is today’s predictable column”

  1. occidentprone said

    But then again maybe Worst of Perth demonstrates its own lack of diversity and shallowness …

  2. Jeez, I’ve got video of a monster Kingswood today. That’s diversity from arsehole to breakfast in my book. And yes an Alan bond sculpture is definitely called for, but make it a big fucker, colossus of Rhodes style, where one foot is in Scarborough and the other on Rottnest.

  3. Rolly said

    I think that TWOP aims at satire and incisive humour rather more than deeper philosophical insight.
    Naturally, it doesn’t always succeed. Some of the comment postings tend to be rather serious and dry whilst others border on the petty and paranoid.
    But that’s the nature of an open forum, especially where the owner/moderator is disinclined to any form of censorship.
    More strength to him, I reckon.

  4. Sunili said

    Morning Occi. When I noticed that Howard Salter’s “blog” today was on Truth in Sentacing OUTRAGE, I just had to comment somewhere to vent. The TWOP post seems to have settled down, so here I am.


    KILL ME NOW (or get me a one way ticket outta this town). Please.

  5. occidentprone said

    Vent away Sunili – but what do the letters represent (or am I displaying my ignoramusness?) And Rolly, satire is an important tool (sometimes written by tools) when we need to bring home truths or just air something under the radar.

  6. occidentprone said

    Or is the alphabet soup a subversive act?

  7. Sunili said

    Oh, sorry. I was just bashing my head on the keyboard. It was all I had the energy to do at the time. Later, I wrote an angry letter (email) to the editor.

  8. Kace said

    What?? Airfares to Mauritius are skyrocketing?? Geez.

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