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All care, no responsibility

Posted by occidentprone on June 16, 2008

Two WA Federal Liberal MPs are outraged by Robert Mugabe and his undemocratic actions which are defiling Zimbabwe. It’s disgraceful and disgusting, Don Randall and ex-South African Dennis Jensen say.

 “A lot of people are very concerned about it, I’m personally concerned about it,” Liberal MP and former South African Dennis Jensen told reporters today.

“I just find the situation in Zimbabwe disgraceful. What Mugabe has got to do is just go for the sake of his own people.

“When it comes down to it, it’s war against his own people.”
Fellow WA Liberal Don Randall told reporters “there’s an absolute disgust at Mugabe trying to steal back a democratically-elected result”. (Source: WA Today)

Opposition is a very cushy role because you don’t have to take a lot of responsibility, except for a beating straight after an election. Unless you are Morgan Tsvangirai, then you have to take a lot of responsibility and a beating.

Postscript: Post updated further to Dr Jensen’s edifying comments – apologies extended and post amended.


6 Responses to “All care, no responsibility”

  1. Rolly said

    Sick, innit?

  2. Retarius said

    Hypocrisy is the consolation of oppositions.

  3. Dennis Jensen said

    No hypocrisy here. Maybe a bit of background checking would demonstrate that I twice spoke against Zimbabwe and the tyrant Mugabe when we were in government. Perhaps an apology for these assertions would be in order?

    My speeches on Zimbabwe:
    26 March 2007 http://parlinfoweb.parl.net/parlinfo/view_document.aspx?id=2731209&table=HANSARDR

    6 September 2005:

    Just for info, I was elected for the first time in 2004.

    Dennis Jensen MP

  4. occidentprone said

    Thanks for information Dr Jensen – and the links – to add to our effort to pull Mugabe into line, or get rid of him altogether.

  5. Retarius said

    This must be a pretty prestigious blog if MPs actually bother to take it seriously enough to respond! No kidding.

    (Hypocrisy is the consolation of oppositions. It just doesn’t happen to apply in this case.)

  6. occidentprone said

    Yes I feel I now have the ear of Canberra – now what shall I say about Kevin Rudd to get him to post a comment? Why aim so low … why not George Bush (does he read – the Internetified might be beyond him)?

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