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The Birney experiment revisited

Posted by occidentprone on June 17, 2008

Say it isn’t so. The Liberals could be about to nominate Matt Birney as leader, says ABC. And Libs are disgruntled because Troy Buswell is immature? Then your real disappointments await.

The Western Australian Liberal leader, Troy Buswell, is again under challenge with the Upper House MP Anthony Fels confirming he will move a spill motion against Mr Buswell at a party room meeting this morning.

The Liberal Party has been riven by infighting in the past few months, and Mr Buswell survived a spill motion by just three votes only six weeks ago, after he admitted sniffing the chair of a female staffer.

Mr Fels says he will nominate the former leader Matt Birney for the leadership position, and expects him to be elected.

“We have the numbers and the numbers are going to support the spill, that’s already known so I would expect by 9, shortly after 9.30am this morning there would be a vacancy there and shortly there after Matt Birney will be elected leader of the Liberal Party,” he said.

Fels told The West Australian he had another agenda:

Mr Fels, who has been dumped as an endorsed Liberal candidate for the next election, admitted his own personal interest in having Mr Buswell removed as leader.

Fair enough – but Birney? At least Buswell has a degree of intellectual weight and is a good performer in Parliament. I’m not endorsing him but if there’s anyone he looks good against, it’s Birney.

It’s good timing too as the Pope is coming to Australia next month. Remember when Birney suggested the Pope had a partner?

And took his then girlfriend (now wife) on a taxpayer’s overseas jaunt? Altering his shares register without telling anyone? A close call with an RBT?

And that he said he was quitting last year?

We will see after the spill meeting.

Read more about Birney in a Stateline piece here.


4 Responses to “The Birney experiment revisited”

  1. skink said

    I am glad someone else was as confused as I was by the Birney/ Fels denials and confirmations. the Waste Online actually ran two articles concurrently: “Birney refuses to rule out interest in leadership” and “Birney dismisses running for leader”

    anyway, Sniffer got away with it and Barry Court reckons he’s ‘bulletproof’

    that needs to be tested – I’ll get my gun…

  2. skink said

    I have it on very good authority, from someone that went to school with Birney, that he is an idiot.
    he failed as leader because he has fixed views, unfettered by fact, which he will not moderate or mitigate to accommodate other points of view within the party. you are for him or against him, and he has little powers of persuasion or argument. basically he is devoid of the skills necessary to be a politician

  3. Retarius said

    Well,we’ve dodged that one and so has “The Bloodhound”! I prematurely ejected him . I can’t believe he’ll last to the election.

  4. occidentprone said

    Yes, Bulletproof is a strange description, like calling the Titanic unsinkable. Like tempting fate.

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