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We’ll all be rooned, said Hanrahan

Posted by occidentprone on June 18, 2008

Those predatory Nationals are laying in wait for the Libs to make a wrong move (as if!) so they can capitalise at the state election, reports ABC.

Nationals MP Max Trenorden says it should help his party win key regional seats which it will contest against the Liberals.

“Politicians love to talk about these matters, but at the moment we’ve got fair reason to be optimistic I would think,” he said.

“It just keeps on lifting our profile and lifting our chance to be able to say we’ve got a chance of maintaining five seats in the lower house.”

Political analyst Harry Phillips says the Liberals will lose votes due to disunity.

“The turmoil with the Liberal Party and the tension within the Labor Party have really enhanced the prospects for the nationals,: he said.

Mr Trenorden says public disenchantment with the government will also benefit the Party.

They may be right, but unless they had spoken up they could have been lost in the chaos, like a forlorn child between divorcing parents. 

Now is the time for Brendan Grylls and Trenorden to shine, to display their powerhouse-style politics to the world, to stir the farmers with rousing, passionate speeches about life on the land, to hit the government over the gas crisis where the Liberals have failed, to capture the broader popular vote of state in disaster control.

Nationals, now is the time to sow, to lead the charge.

There are a lot mixed metaphors in there but Trenorden has raised a passion in me, an audacity of hope as another great orator might have said.



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