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Gas worker tells Crikey all

Posted by occidentprone on June 19, 2008

A whistleblower tells Crikey what he knows about the gas explosion at Varanus Island:

Too much pressure, too many idiots, and money, money, money — it could have been prevented!

We had 166 people on the island, and lucky enough not one was injured. But fark, we ran for our lives as it was really, really, really scary.

Go to the Crikey website www.crikey.com.au  (highly recommended) for more details.

2 Responses to “Gas worker tells Crikey all”

  1. Sunili said


    I wonder who I get to sue for the impending frostbite and eye-sight deterioration?

  2. occidentprone said

    Calvin – I love it! Funny there is no hard line on consumers putting all their heaters / dryers / dishwashers on at the same time – just a benevolent tsk tsk. Uncle Carps is protecting us from the frostbite and damp undies (and himself from the opposition bench).

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