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We are doing a great job, because we say so

Posted by occidentprone on June 19, 2008

The popularity of Alan Carpenter’s government is rising, says The Australian today. WHAT? Oh, according to the government. That makes more sense.

Public satisfaction with the performance of the Carpenter Government is surging – according to the Government at least.

The Government released figures today showing that community satisfaction with the way it does its job has jumped from just 33 per cent, giving it the thumbs up in October last year, to 45 per cent in January this year. 

Those percentages believed the Government was performing well or very well. Another 34 per cent said its performance was “fair” – leaving just 21 per cent unhappy. 

The results of the latest quarterly community attitudes survey commissioned by the Department of Premier and Cabinet to keep tabs on how it is travelling were tabled in parliament today. 

The figures also suggest the Government is most popular with women and young people, and rates better in the metropolitan area than the regions. 

Of the 750 people interviewed by telephone in January by market research company Synovate, just 5 per cent felt the Government was performing “very poorly”, and 16 per cent branded it “poor”. 

Forty-seven per cent of females said the Government had performed well or very well. Just 16 per cent said its performance was poor. 

This compared to 43 per cent of men giving the Government a tick, and 25 per cent who said it was poor or very poor. 

The survey was taken before the gas fiasco, before Fran Logan’s threesome joke, before the shirt-lifting allegation. Nuff said.

Do they take a survey and wait months until a bad patch and pretend it’s news (which The Australian thought it was)? And is there a statute of limitations on this stuff? Are they going to pull out results from Dr Gallop’s rein and say she’s apples.


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