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Petrol prices curb cruising lifestyle

Posted by occidentprone on July 8, 2008

Soaring petrol prices are affecting people’s lifestyle, says a motortrade lobbyist.

A motor trade lobbyist today said people may have to change their lifestyles to weather soaring fuel prices as the price of unleaded petrol jumped to a Perth record of 169.9c a litre. 

… Motor Trade Association of WA Executive Director Peter Fitzpatrick said as petrol prices continue to rise, Perth drivers should now be considering more fuel efficient cars, taking public transport and walking whenever possible.

He also said motorists should always shop around for fuel as today many of the independents petrol stations will be cheaper.

“There’s no longer a real fuel cycle anymore, there are simply just repeated increases by the oil companies and the supermarket chains as a result of spiralling costs of fuel internationally,” he said.

“It’s really up to motorists to look for opportunities and you’ll find when one of the major brands has gone up the independents will probably still be at the lower price until the end of the week.

“We are also seeing people use public transport more often now and cutting back on those unnecessary car trips and I would encourage people to keep that up and adjust their lifestyle.” (Source: The West Australian)

We can sit around and blame the price of fuel till the cows come home, but how about the lack of foresight from previous governments on public transport. Well they had the foresight, we all knew what was coming – one day – but didn’t want to lay down the money for a better train system. And how about our complicity, the driving public, all cosy and comfy in our individual transport pods?

And the use of the word “lifestyle” is another furphy – what about “life”. For many it’s more than a matter of having to walk a few extra kilometres or take the bus, or forego a winery tour this winter, people are having to make real sacrifices – food, housing, essentials – to keep pace with the cost of living (including petrol).


4 Responses to “Petrol prices curb cruising lifestyle”

  1. Rolly said

    …”And the use of the word “lifestyle” is another furphy – what about “life”.(?)”

    Ahh!, The triumph of style over substance!

    Or, as my maternal grandmother used to put it: “It’s not so much the high cost of living, as the cost of high living.”

    How successfully our society has been misguided by commercialism masquerading as a free market, ably assisted by the confusion created by religious and political disinformation.

    It’s quite sick, really.

  2. Retarius said

    I keep wondering why, when electric cars were around in the late 19th century and competing quite well with the carbon-fuelled ones, we can’t buy a cheap, no-frills one today. Can’t our technology reproduce a concept that proved workable over 100 years ago?

  3. Rolly said

    It’s not a question of ‘can’t’ but ‘don’t want to’.
    The entrenched interests of the automotive and oil industries have engaged in all kinds of perfidious activities in order to protect their established positions.
    Much as the nuclear power lobby is currently doing to try to maintain prominence, despite the general scientific and economic opinion that, with just a little more support, Australia could be reaping huge benefits, at home and abroad, from our ability to produce power from renewable sources.
    Had a fraction of the money that Australia has squandered on supporting the coal industry been spent on the already advanced research into non polluting energy sources, we could be the world leader in the field.

  4. Kace said

    I know that petrol prices are ridiculous, but for some reason I still haven’t changed my driving habits. I guess consequently other areas of my ‘lifestyle’ have changed without me even giving thought to it.
    I guess I like to think they can’t effect me, but in a roundabout kind of way they do. Damn oil.

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