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Troy who?

Posted by occidentprone on July 9, 2008

Liberal heavyweights were in Perth last night as ex PM John Howard gave the gracious farewell speech we’ve all been waiting for.

Howard’s craw aside, WA’s most senior Liberal Troy Buswell – remember him, leader of the opposition – was either snubbed or dismissed as an unknown on the federal Lib radar, depending on the media you read.

The West Australian‘s paper edition (but not on its website) said Alexander Downer passed comment that he didn’t know Buswell and The Australian said he was ignored altogether:

Although a state election is looming, the party’s scandal-plagued West Australian leader Troy Buswell was all but ignored. Seated several tables away from Mr Howard, he did not rate a comment from any of the Liberal stalwarts who took the stage, including deputy federal Liberal leader Julie Bishop and retiring former foreign minister Alexander Downer.

Is the national tier of the party deliberately distancing itself from Buswell because they don’t want to be tainted by his poor behaviour?

Or do they think he’ll not last long enough to be a real player (that is, in government)?

Or is the rarefied Canberra air such that the state parties don’t rate?

Or have Howard and Downer forgotten about politics already and are looking to other enriching experiences (even though Downer is still an MP)?

If I were Buswell I would be taking this very personally.


3 Responses to “Troy who?”

  1. skink said

    Howard’s visit was a thank-you to West Australians forbeing the only people that swung towards him in November, and an acknowledgement that Bishop and the other WA Fed MP’s hold the balance of power in the Lib Party, and are the only ones not trying to ditch Howard’s policies on Work Choices, climate change etc.

    there was a horrible fluff piece on Bishop in the West last weekend that entirely failed to mention that she delivered the leadership to Nelson on the proviso that he didn’t ditch Work Choices. The West tried to pitch her as a leader in waiting, but since she tied herself to Nelson she will suffer the same fate as him, most likely before Parliament returns.

    Howard’s visit should be seen in the context of the upcoming leadership struggle within the Fed Libs, and so Sniffer was entirely irrelevant.

  2. occidentprone said

    Elements of Perth’s media like to see Bishop as either Perth’s link to the big time (they never saw Beazley that way) or the Great White Hope for the State Liberals, no matter how many times she tries to quell that rumour. Even if Buswell was irrelevant to Howard and Downer’s wily old power plays (and thanks Skink for illumination on that) shouldn’t they have at least paid him a bit of courtesy? Or is that just the self-absorption that characterises the federal scene?

  3. Rolly said

    Here’s the comment I’ve just written in “The Poll Bludger”:

    All this chatter rather concerns me as to the quality of the examiners in the higher education world.
    We seem to have produced a batches of high quality twits over a long period of time.
    *Doctor* Nelson makes me concerned each time I need to visit a medico. The man displays an incredible lack of reasoning ability. So fixed in his ideas of how the world ought to be that he is quite unable to see what is actually happening around him.
    The millionaire idiot savant who claims to be the opposition’s financial whiz seems to believe that, like the disastrous duo who held the reins before him, that all things important revolve around the manipulation of money.
    As for the rat-faced papal apologist who pretends to know what’s best for everybody and everything, he has yet to convince me that he has even the slightest grasp of what really goes on in the everyday world.
    None of them seems to have grasped the nettle and accepted that people resoundingly rejected the adage “Better the devil you know…” in the last election.
    There’s no need for the incumbents in government to waste energy on discrediting the ‘opposition’ as they are doing it to themselves quite successfully.
    No, I think that they’re handing the next election to the Ruddy mob on a silver platter, ably assisted by the least publicly aware bunch of commentators that the news media have ever produced.
    Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but I feel that the continually emerging evidence of the severe problems presently confronting humanity requires much more mature behaviour than that being demonstrated by the opposition.
    We are so much in need of a determined omnipartisan approach to the looming calamity that perhaps putting the country into a “State of Emergency”, as might be done in the case of a threat of foreign aggression, may be the only solution.

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