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Kevin drops the F-bomb

Posted by occidentprone on July 12, 2008

Our Prime Minister has a bad temper and drops the F-bomb in the workplace, reports PerthNow.
Good heavens! The site said these “explosive” revelations about Kevin Rudd were contained in a new book by political analyst Peter van Onselen.

Dr van Onselen said there was a lot more to Mr Rudd than the church-going politician who was elected as Prime Minister last year.

He said that, in his office, Mr Rudd was as foul mouthed as any other politician he had studied.

“The book reveals Mr Rudd to be somewhat of a potty mouth behind closed doors,” Dr van Onselen said.

“During his Opposition leadership, our research reveals Kevin Rudd’s foul language and temper in his office and use of the F word.

“There are two Kevin Rudds. There is the Kevin Rudd that his staff gets to see and there is the Kevin Rudd that the Australian public voted for — and they are very different.

“He prefers not to swear in front of women, but does in front of men.

Dr van Onselen said the PM was accused of being a hypocrite for using bad language but kicking union boss Dean Mighell out of the Labor party for swearing. So here are Mr Rudd’s alleged crimes:

  1. He swears.
  2. He has a different face for workmates than for more formal occasions.
  3. He’s a politician but he’s two-faced and hypocritical.

Maybe in the genteel Edith Cowan University where Dr van Onselen is associate professor, no one curses. The uni name has a floral, Victorian ring to it and in that prim and upstanding vein van Onselen even says Rudd has a “potty mouth”. (We are not knocking early WA social campaigner and MP Edith Cowan or her namesake institution, just making the point that maybe Bond or Murdoch uni academics mightn’t have such an issue with rude words.)

I think Dr van Onselen has missed the hook on this one. Swearing is not so remarkable but an Aussie bloke who prefers not to swear in front of women and holds back – well that’s just weird. What is he, a poofter?


3 Responses to “Kevin drops the F-bomb”

  1. Rolly said

    “3. He’s a politician but he’s two-faced and hypocritical.”

    Sorry, but isn’t that a prerequisite qualification? It’s what the electorate votes for.

    Methinks the dear Doctor needs to get in touch with the real world.

  2. skink said

    Crikey have been having a go at van Onselen and a good pisstake of Glenn Milne and his lack of political contacts:

    “We’ve lamented before how Glenn Milne likes to be a player, not just a spectator, in Canberra. Today he gives us another “I’m the Hero Of My Own Reportage” effort, claiming that a senior Government figure – Julia Gillard, judging by Milne’s less than subtle hints – told him he “would not be dealt with again by the Government.” Milne’s complaint drew a supportive nod from Andrew Bolt.

    To which the logical reply is, what do you mean by “again”, Glenn? Apart from his dinners with Wayne Swan, Milne appears to be entirely lacking any access to senior levels of government.

    In any event, Milne allegedly incurred the wrath of Gillard for raising claims by Peter van Onselen – who like Milne is rather closer to the Liberal side of politics than to Labor – that Gillard and Rudd had a loose pre-election agreement that she’d be Treasurer. Van Onselen also makes the shocking allegations that Kevin Rudd, um, swears.

    If senior Government figures are issuing threats over such trivia, then we’re in deep strife.”

  3. occidentprone said

    Good get Skink. Crikey daily emails and podcasts are part of the staple in this office and there’s nothing better than letting a few Keane-and-Green podcasts accumulate for a solid Crikey session on the iPod. As for Milne, the less said the better.

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