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Ledger frenzy builds

Posted by occidentprone on July 15, 2008

Batman fever is nothing in Perth compared to Heath Ledger fever. The two macabre pasttimes crashed last night when The Dark Knight, featuring home boy Ledger, premiered.

Now PerthNow reports that Ledger’s last will and testament will be played out in a West Australian court.

Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda Rose’s claim to his estate will be decided in a West Australian court, after he left everything to his parents and sisters.

The executors of the late actor’s will, drawn up before Matilda’s birth, have applied for probate in the WA Supreme Court in Perth. 

While Ledger left everything to his parents and three sisters, it is understood they have legal advice that under WA law, the toddler is entitled to the lion’s share. 

However her mother, actor Michelle Williams, will have to officially lodge a claim with the court supported by an affidavit which could end up in the public domain, legal experts said.

The executors of Ledger’s estate, businessman Robert Collins and accountant Mark Dyson, late last week advertised in Perth’s daily newspaper for “creditors and other persons” having claims on the estate to lodge them by August 11.

This is to ensure all debts are paid before the estate is distributed, local lawyer Edwin Abdo said.

According to documents filed in a New York court after Ledger died in January, he only had $145,000 worth of assets in the US, but his entire fortune, mostly held in Australian trusts, is likely to be worth up to $20 million.

Perth’s share of hysterical and hyper-parochial media is frothing at the mouth no doubt. This morning PerthNow, WAToday and The West all had breathless reports about Ledger’s swan song and the premieres, including in New York and that other gothic metropolis – sunny Perth. A court case of that magnitude and featuring anyone who can even spell Hollywood, let alone met the troubled genius, will render the city’s professional gawpers paralysed.

PerthNow has even come up trumps with a story about another tragedy in ledger’s inner circle. Get this:

More tragedy for Dark Knight’s Heath Ledger

AS his lauded performance in The Dark Knight drew continued focus on his sad passing, more tragedy has hit Heath Ledger’s Hollywood circle.

The Aussie actor’s make-up artist, Lucy Crawford, is battling serious injuries after she was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident.

A woman driver was charged over the weekend in relation to the July 2 incident which has left the British-born creative professional with a crushed pelvis, head wounds and internal injuries.

I feel a conspiracy theory coming on.


3 Responses to “Ledger frenzy builds”

  1. Sunili said

    Urgh, yeah, isn’t that last one just horrendous? I couldn’t believe it could get that bad. Then I remembered it was PerthNow and had to smack myself for being so bored that I was rummaging around at those scummy depths of the interwebs.

  2. skink said

    and whatever you do, don’t utter the phrase “drug-fucked loser” in mixed company in Perth.

    Perth is mourning because it has produced only one real A-list celeb, and he overdosed before anybody got to go to a swanky Hollywood party.

    as for the postumous Oscar, if James Dean didn’t get one after being nominated twice after his death, it is unlikely that Ledger will, especially since he is a foreigner, in a cartoon popcorn movie, and died from drug misuse.

    The only actor to get a posthumous Oscar was Peter Finch for ‘Network’, but he actually croaked during the voting period. Bad timing, Heath.

    On the other hand, the Academy often confuses ‘acting’ with ‘disguise’ – Kidman got one just for wearing a rubber nose, and the nose was more lifelike than Nicole.

    if Ledger was going to get an Oscar, it would have been for Brokeback Mountain, but if the Academy were nervous about rewarding him for a realistic portrayal of buggery, they are not going to be wild about a homicidal cartoon character.

    As Kate Winslet said in ‘Extras’: if he really wanted an Oscar he should have played a retard (Hoffman, Hanks, Di Caprio, John Mills)

  3. occidentprone said

    If WA wants to claim a real actor, look no further than Judy Davis.

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