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I like the new stuff better than the old stuff

Posted by occidentprone on July 16, 2008

Apologies to Regurgitator but the old media is getting a battering in the new media and it’s all their own fault.

An excellent piece in Crikey today led me to the author, Stilgherrian, who makes an argument for bloggers and why we should hail them even though they mightn’t be REAL journalists.

Here’s an excerpt:

What’s tiring about this false dichotomy is that it compares the highest ideal of journalism with the lowest grade of personal blogging about what the cat did yesterday and — lo and behold! — they’re not the same. Gosh.

How much everyday journalism actually conforms to the high ideal? Not much. For every Walkley-nominated episode of Four Corners there’s a hundred tawdry yarns about miracle fat cures or shonky builders with a camera shoved in their face. For every investigative scoop there’s a thousand mundane little 5-paragraph yarns that merely quote what someone said at a press conference, and then quote their opponent. Or recycle a media release, putting the journo’s byline where the PR firm’s logo used to be. Or misappropriate statistics to beat up some shock-horror non-existent “crime wave”.

What we should make of journalist “bloggers” attached to newspaper and broadcaster websites is another thing entirely.


2 Responses to “I like the new stuff better than the old stuff”

  1. skink said

    standards of journalism are dropping, partly as a result of falling circulation, but also because the instant gratification required by web services does not allow in-depth research. Newspapers are laying off sub-editors, so the poor writing skills of most journos is now exposed for all to see.

    I submit this example as proof: a journo who has gone beyond the trend of starting sentences with a conjunction, and now starts paragraphs with a conjunction in a sentence fragment with no verb.


  2. occidentprone said

    There’s also the matter of website editors being able to see which stories are getting hits (eyeballs as they say) so anything featuring a T&A celebrity will get more hits, then more resources are spent in that direction. Why spend big bucks on quality investigative journalism when readers just want to know what Angelina called her kids or what stage of the bipolar cycle Britney’s at? This is the future my friend.
    As for sub-editors, maybe there’s a bar somewhere with grog sodden pedants, chainsmoking and bellyaching, arguing about the difference between besieged and embattled and whether the unreal conditional should be retired.

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