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Condoleezza Rice goes bush

Posted by occidentprone on July 21, 2008

Condoleezza Rice is coming to Perth on Thursday and Friday. The first and last time a US secretary of state visited Perth was 1985.

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says Condi’s visit will focus on energy security and minerals wealth. His statement, published pretty much the same on Fairfax, West, and Murdoch websites, is filled with vacuous platitudes about “alliance relationship” and “significant economic and social contribution” and “responsive to climate change difficulties” and other bureacracy-speak blah-blah. (He must have swallowed the same public service jargon manual as Rudd for all emotion and excitement to be stripped out of every event.)

Just as the Rudd Government is extricating itself from Howard’s tagalong with Bush’s wars, and Rice is coming to the end of her tenure, she is taking time to use all her travel chits:

“She describes it as a home town visit, she’s never been to Perth before and she wants to see the delights of Perth and we will do our best to accommodate that,” Mr Smith said.
“So there’ll be serious business to attend to but she also wants to see some of the beauty of Perth and that’s as it should be.”

Her complicity with Bush’s foreign affairs catastrophes aside, Dr Rice’s trip to Perth is a coup for the city and for Smith. Get your phone cameras ready for Condiwatch.

See Stephen Smith’s transcript of his meeting with Dr Rice in January here.


4 Responses to “Condoleezza Rice goes bush”

  1. Retarius said

    A coup in Perth? That’s what we need, alright! Okay, jokes aside, why would anyone believe anything that comes from this woman’s mouth? Sooner she’s gone the better. (And I lost interest in Steve when he explained how we all accept Chinese sovereignty in Tibet. Not on my watch, Steve!)

  2. occidentprone said

    If there’s going to be a coup Condi’s got the black knee-high boots for it. This is not a trip about policy or other boring words, it’s about photo ops and pressing the flesh.

  3. Rolly said

    All tinsel and window-dressing.
    And the conservative punters will lap it up.
    It, like the pope’s visit, will be another round in the “bread and circuses” politicking that costs a small fortune and disguises the social difficulties being experienced within our community for a lack of good governance.

  4. skink said

    I am breathless with anticipation, since I live close to Steven Smith’s electoral office in Inglewood, and am confident he will be showing Condi the delights of Beaufort Street.

    lunch at Charcoal Chicken follewed by a midi at the Civic

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