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Forget the flat white, get yourself a good book

Posted by occidentprone on July 28, 2008

Yesterday I popped down to Cino to Go in Mt Lawley to get a feel for what Stephen Smith might have been thinking when he took the US Secretary of State there on Friday, and to just be where she had been.

This is by no means a plug for Cino because there are heaps of great coffee spots in Mt Lawley.  Though I found they’re sprinkling real chocolate on the top of the cappuccino so maybe that’s why our Foreign Affairs Minister finds it appealing.

But if he really wanted to make an impression he should have taken Dr Rice – chaperoned by his parents of course – to Planet Books. She has said she sends friends to do her clothes shopping but bookshop browsing is not something you can delegate. Even the endlessness of Amazon is no match for the smell, see, feel, hear assault you get by craning your neck through all the shelves and flicking through the ones that catch your eye.

Planet, along with the smaller Oxford Books in Leederville, are bastions for the slow browsers. I have easily spent an hour just looking – and not even buying in the end but still feeling as though it was an afternoon well spent.

I can see Condi, brow furrowed before the bank of political and current affairs books, pondering the anti-Bush and anti-US themes, and suddenly having a lightbulb moment – PING – Time for the US to get out of Iraq, time to use this international influence for good, to not just bide time by Bush’s side, to recognise America is no longer the prestigious hemisphere it once was, that its “brand” is tarnished.

Maybe Smith could point her towards a John Pilger rant or the Latham Diaries (any of those still around?) for a bit of perspective.

Or the talented pianist could just buy a biography on Brahms. Either way Rice could see there’s a lot going on outside Planet Bush.


6 Responses to “Forget the flat white, get yourself a good book”

  1. Retarius said

    They’re a sociable crew, this new regime; Joel Fitzgibbon takes his mate to the war and Steve brings someone who helped to start it home to meet his folks!

  2. occidentprone said

    A lot of kerfuffle in certain sections of the media about the fact Condi didn’t address the masses but what could she possibly have said to make it all better? Showing her face and smiling a lot without getting into US policy no doubt prevented friendly fire from the locals.

  3. diggingtochina said

    I can understand Condi’s appreciation for the flat white but no mention of the raisin toast?!

  4. occidentprone said

    I’d have pegged her for a sourdough type – no nonsense and no frills, or maybe fruit salad but only when out of the glare of the media throng – don’t want to get caught with a banana at the wrong angle.

  5. Kace said

    Can totally get where you’re coming from about the book shop browsing… ever been to New Edition in Freo on a Saturday night? About 9pm, it’s toasty and warm, very quiet, lots of couches to sit on and browse through the books…. maybe one day i should buy something??

  6. occidentprone said

    Now that’s a night out!

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