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Carpenter calls Sept 6 election – game on

Posted by occidentprone on August 7, 2008

Alan Carpenter’s early election date means he’s running scared of Colin Barnett, says political observer Peter van Onselen.

“I think the timing is a shock on a number of levels, I’m surprised that the Premier has made such a cynical political move because one of the great strengths of his premiership has been in not being a politician almost or at least not having that image…” Mr van Onselen said.

“I think the public are absolutely a wake up to Carpenter’s rhetoric that he won’t be basing his decisions on the problems in the Liberal Party versus the reality that this is exactly what he’s done,” he said.

“He might say he’s not worried about Colin Barnett as leader of the opposition but his decision to call the election so quickly shows he’s that he’s petrified of him, he’s petrified that if given the chance to present himself as a possible alternative that he could win the election.

“So he’s made a strategic decision which I think is a strategic blunder…” (Source: WAToday)

Fellow analysts Harry Phillips and David Black emphasise the cynicism of the move and agree that if not a blunder, it’s certainly risky because it shows them flinching a day after Barnett became leader.

The Australian says the Libs will train their sights on Labor’s links with Brian Burke. But friendly fire has claimed Lib frontbencher John McGrath, who doesn’t want his Burke links to taint his side’s campaign.

McGrath does not admit any guilt, says he was cleared by the CCC and says it is just a ‘distraction’. The Libs cannot ignore this and attack the government on the same charges and it cannot ignore that Anthony Fels transgressed in a similar manner with Noel Crichton-Browne. Just because the two are no longer in the spotlight (McGrath has just stepped down from the front bench, not the party or as an MP), doesn’t mean they are guilt free. The hypocrisy watchers are on amber alert.


5 Responses to “Carpenter calls Sept 6 election – game on”

  1. IRS said

    In order to send a more positive message, instead of smashing their guitars at the end of a concert, maybe rock stars could reconstruct guitars out of broken parts and play a song on them.JohnAlejandroKingJohn Alejandro King, Who Killed The Covert Comic?

  2. Retarius said

    This is a tough call…I’ll be giving my first preference to a Green, an Independent, anyone but the above. But who do you put last? That’s the really hard question.

  3. The Greens’ preferences go to the ALP, so by voting for the Greens (which I’ll also be doing), you’re effectively putting Labor higher anyway.

    I don’t think Carpenter is doing a particularly good job, especially when it comes to road safety and his zealous scapegoating of P-platers, but it will be a cold day in hell before I vote Liberal.

  4. Retarius said

    Hey, Occident, what’s up? I hope you’re just resting!

  5. occidentprone said

    Hi Retarius, just had a break from the election and Olympics and www and words but am now in fighting form ready for the poll bustup.

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