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Games are over, time to get serious

Posted by occidentprone on August 27, 2008

After two weeks spent presiding over Olympic fencing, dusting chalk from gymnasts and a stint in a re-education camp, this blogger is back. 

The biggest challenge of the Games was trying to assess why the Chinese Central Government’s nationalistic party-speak and tight stage management of every facet was bad and Australia’s jingoistic and patriotic jargon – from media, athletes, Rudd, Coates, the neighbours and colleagues – was good.

The games and everything they symbolise have been raked over by smarter people than me so I’ll leave it to the experts and instead explore what I’ve missed in the interim.

Before the hibernation I remember an election being called but it’s hard to tell the poll stuff from the Olympics stuff, so entwined were the cliches. Backflips, poll vault, race-this-and-that.

Over the few weeks remaining before the election, I’ll be carbo-loading and sprint training to get on top of the WA election before we scratch our markings on ballots at the local primary school.

Meantime, send your thoughts, grievances, score cards.


2 Responses to “Games are over, time to get serious”

  1. Retarius said

    Welcome back! I’m picking Labor to return with a bad fright. Also a couple of Greens to get up in the Assembly.

  2. Well the Olympics surely were a nice break for the hapless Carpetner ALP but since then it’s been rather down hill. Mind you the good old WA Liberals aren’t really winning the campaign with the ALP losing the campaign.

    I think the ALP will be returned with a reduced margin but enough of a margin to feel comfortable. In the upper house I’m tipping to see the Greens pick up 4 seats (ie keep the 2 they have and pick up 2 more). I just can’t see the Nationals making an impact other than to help the Liberals.

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