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Kevin drops the F-bomb

Posted by occidentprone on July 12, 2008

Our Prime Minister has a bad temper and drops the F-bomb in the workplace, reports PerthNow.
Good heavens! The site said these “explosive” revelations about Kevin Rudd were contained in a new book by political analyst Peter van Onselen.

Dr van Onselen said there was a lot more to Mr Rudd than the church-going politician who was elected as Prime Minister last year.

He said that, in his office, Mr Rudd was as foul mouthed as any other politician he had studied.

“The book reveals Mr Rudd to be somewhat of a potty mouth behind closed doors,” Dr van Onselen said.

“During his Opposition leadership, our research reveals Kevin Rudd’s foul language and temper in his office and use of the F word.

“There are two Kevin Rudds. There is the Kevin Rudd that his staff gets to see and there is the Kevin Rudd that the Australian public voted for — and they are very different.

“He prefers not to swear in front of women, but does in front of men.

Dr van Onselen said the PM was accused of being a hypocrite for using bad language but kicking union boss Dean Mighell out of the Labor party for swearing. So here are Mr Rudd’s alleged crimes:

  1. He swears.
  2. He has a different face for workmates than for more formal occasions.
  3. He’s a politician but he’s two-faced and hypocritical.

Maybe in the genteel Edith Cowan University where Dr van Onselen is associate professor, no one curses. The uni name has a floral, Victorian ring to it and in that prim and upstanding vein van Onselen even says Rudd has a “potty mouth”. (We are not knocking early WA social campaigner and MP Edith Cowan or her namesake institution, just making the point that maybe Bond or Murdoch uni academics mightn’t have such an issue with rude words.)

I think Dr van Onselen has missed the hook on this one. Swearing is not so remarkable but an Aussie bloke who prefers not to swear in front of women and holds back – well that’s just weird. What is he, a poofter?

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Libs want some Ruddy help

Posted by occidentprone on June 19, 2008

WA Libs are accusing the prime minister of not doing enough to aid WA in its hour of cold and darkness, says ABC. Fair call.

Liberal Senator David Johnson has accused both the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Western Australian Premier Alan Carpenter of inaction over the crisis.

Senator Johnson says Mr Rudd should confirm if the Government has the constitutional authority to enact the Liquid Fuels and Emergency Act.

“If we’re on solid ground there should be an emergency declared,” he said.

The Senators and MPs also called for the price of diesel to be stabilised to ease demand for gas and for gas energy users to be switched to diesel so gas can be freed up for small and medium business use.

I  haven’t read all of the Liquid Fuels and Emergency Act, I got confused with all the roman numerals, so I’m not sure what it means for us.  But Kevin Rudd doesn’t have time to be worrying about boring old gas crises and something-or-other Act, now that he’s started packing for the Olympics. Much more important stuff on the horizon.

The Australian reports on Rudd’s perspective:

The concerns of business were echoed in Canberra yesterday, with Kevin Rudd saying: “Given WA’s crucial significance to the overall performance of the Australian economy, there will be wash-through for us all on this over time, but in WA right now it’s being felt directly.”

… Carpenter said yesterday he had briefed the Prime Minister and was confident Mr Rudd was prepared to assist.

Mr Carpenter said his first priority was getting federal support for people who were put out of work but did not normally qualify for Centrelink assistance.

He gave no details of changes being put in place.

The pair discussed the national strategic fuel supplies stored at Garden Island, south of Perth, but Mr Carpenter said it was not yet necessary to seek access to them.

“We have to make sure we don’t do that pre-emptively or unnecessarily, because those fuel supplies are exactly as they are described – they are strategic national fuel supplies normally there because of disaster or a complete breakdown in the liquid fuel supply,” he said.

Mr Rudd said the Defence Minister had the power to make available extra diesel supplies for power stations in the west.

“We will invoke the provisions of the Liquid Fuel Emergency Act if required,” he told parliament yesterday. “This act provides the Australian Government with the authority to prepare for and manage a national liquid fuel supply emergency.

“During such a situation, the Minister for Resources and Energy can control the production, transfer and stock levels of crude and liquid fuel.

“We … are advised by the (WA) Premier that action involving the invocation of that act is not required at this time.”



A postscript to Carpenter’s power appealathon the other day. If we are all cutting our power reduction, why did he appear on TV? He should have had a letterbox drop. Or posted notices on all those soon-to-be redundant power poles. 

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