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WA, the State of Emergency

Posted by occidentprone on June 17, 2008

“If you are watching this video I am dead, or you are dead (or at least very very cold).”

Alan Carpenter is taking his message of conserving power to the public in a video that uses all his old skills as 7.30pm Report presenter to give WA the bad news. It made him remember what a cushy gig being an ABC pitbull was compared with running WA, the State of Emergency. (State of Excitement was a good slogan but this is more accurate.)

Offices, the public service and industry are telling staff to conserve electricity and gas: Use minimum lighting; turn computers off at the end of the day; don’t turn on unnecessary printers, faxes; non-essential hot water turned off; tell staff to wear winter woollies to work because the heat is being turned off.

Which makes you think – until now have we really been doing all we can to stave off global warming and fossil fuel depletion or was it all hot air?


If you got a kick out of the Premier’s video, check out even more interesting political videos, satires and mashups (including footage of Belinda Neal’s bizarre devil spawn comment) on Australian Politics TV. And if you’re into democracy you can vote for your favourite video.


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