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The story so far …

Posted by occidentprone on April 28, 2008

Great economic growth, low unemployment, an unparallelled audacity. Welcome to Western Australia.

There’s a feeling that the sun will shine forever: “If that’s global warming, bring it on – we’ve earned it”. So true, what with all the minerals and fossil fuels resources and natural gas being stripped from the landscape.
But basking in the glow of the gods has its downside: a skills shortage that includes a shortage of tradies in industry, classrooms without teachers and hospitals without much at all to having to endure a sommelier plucked from the great unwashed. Bacchus help us.
And the worst of the empire?
All anybody wants to talk about is real estate. How much they’ve made, or missed out on, developments, zoning, rentals, negative gearing, capital gains – at the same time mumbling condescensions about poor young families and others who’ve missed the gravy boat. It’s tedious and self-congratulatory and greedy.

Take action So if you are a West Aussie here is your homework.
The next time you find yourself reaching for the grab-bag of real estate cliches at a dinner party STOP. Or if you encounter someone stocking up in the food mart all the while tsk tsk-ing the fate of the poor people, politely tell them where they can put their fromage and cheeky chenin.
Nothing more. Don’t be rude or aggressive or left-leaning. Just a simple, “Please don’t”. Together we can stop the rot.

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