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Ironbar loses appeal

Posted by occidentprone on July 5, 2008

Ironbar Wilson Tuckey has lost his appeal – did he ever really have any?

Federal Member for O’Connor, Wilson Tuckey, has lost an appeal against a speeding fine he received last year.

Police caught Mr Tuckey driving at 121 kilometres an hour along a highway south east of Perth in September.

He disputed the radar reading, arguing his cruise control was set to the speed limit of 110 kilometres an hour.

However, Magistrate Elizabeth Hamilton found Mr Tuckey guilty and fined him $150 and ordered him to pay $110 in court costs. (Source: ABC)

For grizzleguts dinosaur – he’s the oldest MP at 72 –  the speeding is a minor infraction. He’s done much worse and is an MP despite having a criminal conviction for violent assault against an Aboriginal man while Ironbar was a Carnarvon pub owner in 1967. This year, he was the only MP to walk from Parliament while Kevin Rudd said sorry to the stolen generations.

He might appeal further, says PerthNow, after he “argued strenuously that speed guns can’t be trusted”.

Constable Leavesley told magistrate Liz Hamilton in Narrogin Court that Mr Tuckey became agitated and uneasy and told her he was a member of Parliament and that radars don’t work. 

“I was delayed in doing my job by what I thought was a false accusation,” Mr Tuckey said on Channel 7 news tonight. 

He said he was not trying to intimidate the officer or get out of being charged. 

Mr Tuckey, who represented himself, said his cruise control was set at 110 km/h and that the testing of the radar for accuracy was questionable. 

At one point magistrate Liz Hamilton told him he was in a court of law, and not in parliament making a speech. 

Outside court Mr Tuckey said: “The way the law is written gives a motorist less protection than a terrorist.” 

He was fined $150 with $110 costs. 

Mr Tuckey appeared at the same court 20 years ago when he fought and won a battle against an alleged speeding offence. 

(Incidentally, ABC said he was doing 121kph and PerthNow said 123kph.)

A motorist might have less protection than a terrorist, but who is protecting us from Ironbar?

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